Cocktail Table Linens Ideas

Cocktail Table Linens Ideas – there is a plethora of ways to incorporate colors into your wedding decor. Using different shades of each color in an nontraditional way creates a look cocktail table linens is both elegant and classic without becoming too overwhelming. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of a shade of blue with your favorite shade of red all you need to do choose a different shade of blue to change the appearance of 100 percent.

Accent color for cocktail table linens choose either red or blue as your primary color and let the other color accent her magic. If you choose to use the primary color of your wedding a shade of light blue, red roses in your bouquet or red crystals as accents in your table . Personalize your beverage napkins using light blue napkins embossed with your name and wedding date in red.

Use both red and blue for the decoration of the cocktail table linens by the separation of the colors. Opting for high tables with centerpieces flowers one color and place small votive candles in different color around the table for added atmosphere. In addition, if you plan to choose used red flowers on a pale blue tablecloths and silver table settings; with white bodies with blue bedding and red flowers would look like an American flag to make each of your tables.

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