How To Clean Fake Granite Countertops

Fake Granite Countertops – Let’s see how to clean each of these materials being porous gets the stains with their surfaces with different products. The secret is to remove all the dirt well, including the old wax layer upon layer gets tarnish the granite giving an opaque, yellowish appearance. To resolve this problem you must remove all wax granite using for this any commercial product, and after cleaning thoroughly with soap and water, re-waxing if desired. The fake granite countertops is a porous material, therefore, any stain on it can be removed easily, so it is advisable to clean it on the spot. The most common method is water and soap, but when more stubborn stains.

Traditionally, the granite was cleaned with diluted vinegar in water, if they were yellowish or dark spots. Or lemon juice with salt, if it was rust stains, metal leg of a chair, table or nightstand. The marks of cigarette burns only are removed if the fake granite countertops are polished again. Wine stains can be removed if clean with water and bleach. He rubs and then rinsed well once the stain is stepped out. This same solution can be used for the coffee stain on the granite.

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