Instructions for Faux Granite Countertops

Faux granite countertops – Faux painting an old table top to resemble granite is an easy and inexpensive way to update your kitchen design. Faux painting kits are available that include all the necessary supplies you will need to transform your kitchen table in just a few hours.

While most producers produce only a few colors kit for sale, you can customize your counter by adding more or less of each color in the set, or remove a color all together. If you choose to customize, test your colors on pieces of plywood first to ensure a pleasant mix. Clean the old counter well. Remove any grease, oil, wax or debris that may interfere with the bond of the paint. Let the counter to dry completely before painting.  Scroll base coat of paint over the faux granite countertops. Make sure that all areas of the old color is completely covered. The result will be a flat, solid color surface.

Use the included sponge in the kit to dab a different color on the first. Press the sponge in a random pattern across the disk. Granite is a natural stone that has a large variation, so the pattern randomly for an authentic look.  Use a different sponge to apply a third color to the counter. Keep this application random as well, avoiding some areas and apply more to the other with a pleasant mixture of light and dark. Let the paint dry overnight.  Roll on a clear topcoat of urethane to protect the paint and make your kitchen table waterproof. To ensure complete coverage for the best protection of faux granite countertops, and let urethane dry for 24 hours.

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Picture Gallery of the Instructions for Faux Granite Countertops


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