Repair Paint Faux Granite Countertop

Chips, scratches or other damage to the faux granite destroy the effect created for work of decorative painting skill. The key to a good repair job is carefully matched colors for painting. Faux granite countertop to seal and protect against further damage. First, fill with putty scratches or excavated areas. Use of specially formulated mastic type surface such as wood filler for wood surfaces and walls putty. Apply putty with a spatula, carefully cover only damaged areas. Smooth the area filled with a damp sponge. Clean putty surrounding areas. Allow the repair to dry before lightly sanding. Apply a thin coat of primer filler and any other area where fake granite damaged. Allow the primer to dry before touch up paint faux granite countertop.

Mix small amounts of some shades of acrylic paint to match the colors of faux granite countertop. Mix for a low gloss surface in a bright environment. Use matte medium if imitation granite has a matte finish. Use small brushes to paint touch-ups and follow the patterns of granite. Allow the paint to dry to see if the colors match. Remix slightly different tones if the colors are not right. Rub the area, while the paint is still wet with a sponge or cloth to create a mottled effect.

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