Replacing Glass for Table Tops

Despite the glass covered patio tables and coffee tables are attractive, break occasionally. Fortunately, replacing the glass on the table is a simple process. The hardest part to replace it is to buy the new glass. Put on a pair of leather work gloves and remove the pieces of glass for table tops. If there is a patio table, locates and eliminates rubber fasteners at the bottom, where the cover is. For wooden coffee tables and other tables inside, pull the upper part of the seat of the table with a thin flat screwdriver head.

If the table is square, measure the width and length of the space between the inner frames with a tape measure. Subtract 1/8-inch measurement and record. To roundtables, measured from one side to the other with tape and subtract 1/8 inch overall diameter. Take a piece of glass for table tops and measure the thickness.

Carefully place the replacement glass for table tops, if you’re replacing a glass table interior. Place the top pieces of cut glass and carefully use the hammer to insert the glass in wooden frame. Place Tong rubber boot at the bottom of the glass frame of the table, if you’re replacing a patio table. Tong placed at equal intervals around the circumference of the table.

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Picture Gallery of the Replacing Glass for Table Tops

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