Restore Cherry Wood Changing Table

The cherry cabinets are highly sought after for its attractive reddish and warm glow luminescent. You can find cherry wood changing table used but can be used in auctions, garage sales and thrift stores for a fraction of the cost or you can get professionally restored or new furniture. Rub alcohol mineral on the surface of the table with a cloth to remove sealant or wax finish. Let alcohol settle between half and one hour before scraping the finish. It uses a commercial lacquer remover to remove the lacquer or varnish finish.

Apply sealant diluted with solvent on the surface of cherry wood changing table, using a nylon cloth. Rinse immediately. Different seals require different solvents. Place the dye in cherry wood according to package directions. You may need to paint with a brush or use a cloth.

First test the dye in a place that remains hidden from the table to make sure it fits. Allow the stain to dry and, if desired, apply a second coat. Mixing wood sealer with cherry wood changing table stain until it matches the color of the surface of the table. Fill the cracks and dents on the table with sealant and smooth it with a spatula.

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Picture Gallery of the Restore Cherry Wood Changing Table

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